Essays + Exam Questions


This page provides essays written by myself as well as exam questions derived from the material addressed on this website as well as some possible answers to these questions.

The essays and questions are organized via subject – please see the individual tabs.

The topic to which the question is from, in each subject is also referred to.

*If you are looking for the material on the specified topic in a certain subject, please refer back to the subject pages.

**All essays are the property of the author and are not to be plagiarised.  Dissemination of the material herein requires prior approval.



9 responses to “Essays + Exam Questions

      • Yes of course! I wouldn’t mind helping! Can you please e-mail me at Im only studying law but i have most topics in front of me now, mainly for tort, irish legal system, constitutional law.

  1. Hi.
    I was wondering does anyone have an example of a construction contract claim or even any contract claim? I would like to learn the writing style for them.


  2. can you update me the exam paper in my email Tort law, Criminal law, Constitutional law and The Irish legal system i would be appreciate thanks for you supporting wish you very success,

  3. Hi
    Do you have any sample answers/ notes on transfer of undertakings, bullying and harassment and principles of stress induced injuries?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hey…..I think I’m hitting a mental blank with even the basic of tort questions – maybe brain overload maybe?? – anyone any suggestions on how/where/what to start on sample questions as:
    Question Five Tim and Tom are flatmates who went out to lunch together to a restaurant called “Fabulous Food”. When they had decided what they wanted to order, Tim went to the counter to place the order, and he paid for both lunches. When the food arrived at the table they were both very hungry and so began to wolf into it, while chatting away about the match the night before. Suddenly Tom stopped talking, clutched his throat and began coughing furiously. Tim, who was trained in first-aid, administered the Heimlich manoeuvre, and after two attempts a lump of plastic came flying out of Tom’s throat. Tom is a pop singer by profession, and had to have two operations to fix the damage done to his throat by this incident he is still under a doctor’s care, and it is unclear as to whether he will be able to continue in his singing career. Advise Tom if he has a cause of action under the law of tort, and if so, who is the appropriate Defendant. Explain the relevant principles to Tom.

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